1938 Ford Phaeton…All original!!

This car is unbelievable!!!  seriously, this is a car I so want to keep!  First, this is a real Phaeton and since it’s a ’38, it is the last year of this style.  The previous owners had painted it a salmon color that has now faded to pink.  They apparently used it to pull a boat that was painted to match.  In 1964, their daughter was driving it over Pacheco Pass and the motor blew up.  They towed it back home and had it sitting in the garage for the past 46 years.  It has the original flat head V8.  On a side note, the previous owners swore that it had been a car used in a presidential motorcade.  They thought Roosevelt had ridden in it. We don’t know it that’s true or not, but it makes for a good story. Everything is intact.  All the knobs and even the clock is still in the glovebox door.  I love this car.  It was my idea just to get it running and throw a blanket on the seats and drive it as is.  Rick, on the other hand, only sees another project and wants it out of the shop.  He wins and so does whoever buys this wonderful car.  Whether you do a full restoration or just get it running, this car will provide years of fun!