Rick Silva - Owner of American Rod and Auto

Rick Silva – Owner, Rod and Classic Car Expert

Rick Silva, owner of American Rod and Auto, has been building, modifying, restoring, and repairing classic cars and hot rods since he bought his first car, a ’53 Chevy 4-Door, for $36 in 1963. After he painted it and changed the interior, he sold it for $250 and used the money to buy a 1934 Ford Pickup. He’s been working on his own and other peoples’ cars ever since.

Rick grew up in the ‘60s and spent his time drag racing and working on cars. He worked at gas stations and dealerships, which helped him to learn general car repairs. When he landed a job at a local speed shop, people began encouraging him to open his own car shop. In 1976, Rick opened American Rod and Auto, where he mostly did general repairs while continuing to modify cars on the side. He gradually worked into building hot rods after restoring and building a Model A and taking it to car shows.